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Billidwalls is a friendly team of artists, interior designers
and people who love style.

Our mission is to connect you to the art world through the interior. After all, it is at home that you spend most of your time and relax after a hard day at work. Art saves you alone, assembles your mind piece by piece into one whole. Therefore, surround yourself with things that you like and a boring gray evening will turn into
an evening of delight and admiration.
«To reveal art and conceal

the artist is art's aim»

— Oscar Wilde

We were born in this wonderful world to fulfill the mission to make the world more beautiful. Like any baby, we learned to see, feel and transfer these feelings to the canvas. We are full of enthusiasm to convey to you the same delight and admiration of this world through our abstractions. You will be delighted!

Abstract art created in collaboration with our team of artists and interior designers will make your interior stylish and modern. Our brand is recommended by designers from all over the world. If you are in doubt about the choice, our team will help you choose the Art that suits you. High Quality Canvas with long lasting durability Printed at high resolution using the latest state of the art colour technology ensures sharp & vivid images.
In the era of new technologies, the screen allows us to convey exactly the imitation of the artist's brush strokes. Digital art, combined with traditional and modern printing methods, allows viewers to immediately immerse themselves in the emotional state created by paints.
Printing with abstraction emits a strong charge of energy. You can easily read freshness and cheerfulness, sadness and disappointment, euphoria or pacification in graceful lines.
Such canvases are immediately striking. Designers love to fill empty walls with them, make accent spots and completely change the mood of a room. There are styles for which an interior canvas is ideal - abstraction is good for hi-tech, cubism, avant-garde. The lack of an accurate plot allows you to hang canvases in any room without worrying about the correspondence of the image to the purpose of the room.
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